“The technology of storytelling”

We are lucky enough to live in a world that is on a continuous path of innovation. Each and every day, new discoveries are made, technologies are expanded, and the brightest of our society create improved methods of enjoying and thriving within it. And that is the message that TED Talk storyteller Joe Sabia is trying to convey in his video, “The technology of storytelling.”


Photo courtesy of bestinteractiveebooks.com

“As much as it may seem that we have reached the peak of our technological advancement, that is far from the truth. While the latest technologies may seem impressive now, it won’t be long before we grow tired of their seemingly repetitive features. The human race is one in constant need of entertainment, and as a result, our technology must grow with it. We have developed new and creative ways to keep our past alive in our future, reinventing materials we have already grown accustomed to in a way that appeals to our never-ending curiosity.

Storytelling is no different, and the art of expressing one’s thoughts, whether through speech or writing, has seen tremendous change throughout the centuries. Sabia uses his highly innovative presentation to prove the point that although the times are changing and we are moving rapidly in a forward direction, the general concept is still the same. Sabia, like many others following along the convergence path, has found a way to share his story in a way that appeals to today’s audience. With the use of multimedia, he was able to get his point across in an entertaining way, using only an iPad. Despite this presentation being entertaining in nature, it still carried all the same elements as a typical print story would, therefore proving to be efficient in its storytelling ways and not at all distracting. 

Like Sabia, we must learn to adapt in our ways. The world is forever changing, and if we don’t change with it, we risk being left in the dust.


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