News with a Convergence Twist

When looking through the news articles featured on the Missourian website, this particular story caught my attention. It was the update for a double homicide case in the local area. Reading through it, I was rather disappointed by the overall setup, but I guess it’s understandable considering the lack of information they were provided. To me, it just seems to be missing some essential facts.

To begin with, the picture included with the article is not the best quality, nor does it actually show what’s going on in the story. If I were creating a convergence package for this piece, I would most likely try to capture a couple pictures of the actual scene (police tape, police action, or perhaps even the abandoned trailer park). But instead, they focus on the fact that the road is closed off, which is only a minor part of the article.

Because the story is so short, and requires just about all the information that they did include, I’m not sure that I would necessarily cut anything out. However, I would elaborate on the interviews done with the neighbors. The article says that nothing like this had ever happened before, that “the rural area is typically a quiet neighborhood.” While this is a great addition to the story, it just kind of cuts off. I would look further into the neighborhood’s crime history and put together some sort of news graphic (perhaps a timeline) showing other illegal activities that took place there over the years.

If I were covering this story from a convergence perspective, I would try to focus more on the statistical elements of the piece, rather than just giving a general overview. I would do more in depth research on the surrounding neighborhoods and crime in the area.


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