Journalism Interest Area

From the day that I first began my journalism career, I knew that I wanted to follow a path that involved investigative reporting. For me, the most interesting stories have always been those that dig a little deeper and go above and beyond expectations. That’s real journalism in my book. As silly as it is, I’m fairly sure my passion for investigative reporting and seeking out the truth has its roots in the superhero movies I used to watch as a kid. Something about seeing Clark Kent or Peter Parker uncovering the dark secrets of their towns was appealing to me.
While I won’t be following the same path as these superheroes, I do hope to do my part in bringing justice to my community. I would eventually like to work freelance for the military, working on investigative pieces as I travel with them. Because of my future career path, investigative journalism is a perfect fit. I also plan to double minor in psychology and criminal justice/criminology, which I feel will further develop my investigative skills and my understanding of how the human brain functions.

Although my heart is set on pursuing investigative journalism, my backup interest area is science and health. I am already a part of the science and health student journalist group on campus, and could potentially see myself working with psychology or environmental research.


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