Shooting on my own

Upon first coming to the University of Missouri for journalism, I knew that I would end up doing something with print or digital media. That was what I had spent all of high school doing, so I was comfortable. It wasn’t until I stepped foot in my first journalism class that I realized how terribly wrong I was.

In today’s world, being a journalist is more than just choosing a specialty: print or broadcast. In reality, you end up doing both, no matter what you choose to major in. In order to be successful in this career path, you have to be versatile and adaptable.

The best way to do that is to throw yourself right into projects that you may not be comfortable with. My J2150 class is teaching me exactly how to do that. I must admit, when we were given our first assignment (even though it was just shooting a simple five shot sequence), I was terrified. I was working with a new type of camera, with specific requirements. And even worse, I was being graded on what I shot.

All of my freshman year, I had participated in MUTV’s morning show, “Good Morning Mizzou.” While I was trained in using the cameras for the show, being out on my own was frightening. How the final product turned out was all up to me. It was my responsibility to make sure that the subject looked comfortable, that the white balance was adjusted accordingly, that the tripod was set up right. It all seems so simple, but in the moment, I was scared.

Looking over my work in class the next day was rewarding, however. It made me realize that despite my fears, I’m not nearly as bad at shooting as I thought I would be.


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