KOMU Alpaca Video Critique

In trying to find a multi-media piece to focus on for this blog post, I came across a story posted to KOMU’s website about alpacas. It definitely wasn’t a story that you’d come across every day, so I figured it would be an interesting one to look into.

Let me just say, it was not at all what I was expecting. Included in the piece were a written story, a picture of a bunch of local alpacas and a brief 56 second video. On first glance, this story looked exactly as a typical multi-media feature story should. It had all of the right elements, and overall was laid out nicely on the page. Playing the video was what took me by surprise.

As the video was loading, I was expecting to see an average TV news style piece, complete with interviews, voice-overs and lots and lots of b-roll. However, I was soon caught off guard by the video’s pink captioning, light and rather bouncy music and goofy shots of alpacas smiling for the camera.

I can only imagine that it was the storyteller’s intention to format the video in this way, seeing as only for a story concerning alpacas would it be appropriate. Also, having read the story first before seeing the video, I wasn’t at all surprised by its content. It was nearly identical to what had been written below.

Overall, for what the story was originally intended to be, I thought the creator did a nice job in putting it all together. The b-roll included was goofy, but also fitting to the rest of the story being told, and the music used definitely kept the readers’ attention.

While not exactly how I would have put together this story had it been assigned to me, it was definitely entertaining and worth the watch.


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