A greater look at Heyoon

I must admit, when we were given the assignment to listen to a half-hour audio piece and write a blog post about it, I wasn’t in the least bit excited. I was prepared to either skip through it to just get a gist of what the story was about or to distract myself with other things while listening to it. I didn’t expect to like it nearly as much as I did.

The story of Heyoon, told by 99% Invisible’s Alex Goldman, is something I can easily consider a work of art. While I’m not certain it fits the definition of “hard-hitting” journalism, it paints a picture worthy of journalistic attention.

The audio pieces, consisting of narration, voice actors, various natural and ambient sounds and other sound bites, do an exceptional job of coming together to tell a really great story. Each part is layered together in a way I could only dream of doing with my skills in Adobe Audition. I mean, who would think that a story about architecture could be so fascinating?!

I think what really stands out about the Heyoon story is the use of vocal actors. This, combined with narration from Goldman makes it seem as if you’re really there witnessing everything. The different voices included in the piece keep it interesting, making sure that those who listen never know what to expect. The ambient and natural sounds are just the cherry on top. They make everything even better.

While I can’t yet say that I am able to decipher which noises fall into which category (this is particularly so with ambient and natural sounds), I’m looking forward to learning more as we step further into the audio part of this class. I don’t see myself ever doing audio as a part of my career, but I do find it quite interesting and am excited to continue with it for the remainder of this section!


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