Audio Postcard Reflection

My first audio assignment was an absolute mess. There is no way to put that lightly. Even though we did an extensive walk-through of the zoom recorder in class, I was still lost when I actually checked one out for myself. When I first rented the zoom, I was only paying attention to make sure everything worked, but didn’t take the time to check if the device was fully charged. My mistake… when I got out to my car, I realized that the battery was only a quarter full. Because the equipment lab had already closed, I had no choice but to continue on and hope that it didn’t die as I was getting audio for my project.

As I made my way through the many activities at the 10th South Farm Showcase, I kept worrying that my recorder was going to die before I got everything that I needed. I didn’t want to leave the zoom on, in fear that it would drain the battery more, but couldn’t exactly turn it off and on again because that process took forever. Instead, I hurried from source to source, getting as much audio as possible until 30 minutes later, the zoom recorder used the last of its battery life.

Because I was moving so quickly, I didn’t get the chance to take the time needed to get to know my sources. I feel like overall, I would have had better material to work with if I had had a full battery and had taken the time to really speak with each of my sources.

Despite the many difficulties of this project, I ended up with a lot of great audio that I was able to work with for my audio postcard. While the entire process of recording my sources and running out of battery really had me worried, it was a good experience. I will never again walk away from that equipment lab without first having checked that everything is charged and in good condition. I definitely learned my lesson.


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