“Real People” Assignment



Allan Tart is a student at the University of Missouri doing research in applied mathematics. Originally from Estonia, he said studying in Missouri has been quite difficult due to his accent.


Anthony Patterson is a sophomore studying English at the University of Missouri. He said he often comes to Peace Park to catch up on the homework and test preparation that he hadn’t gotten to the night before.


Taylor Ysteboe is a junior at the University of Missouri studying Magazine writing. While waiting for the bus to take her back home, she said she enjoys everything that the journalism school at Mizzou is teaching her.

Taking these pictures for my Real People project was a lot more fun than I imagined it to be. I thought I would be nervous going out and taking portraits of random people, but I actually enjoyed the experience. I got the opportunity to meet and talk to three incredible people who were just out and about in Columbia enjoying their day. I also was able to become more comfortable with the camera and the different techniques we were taught concerning photography.

I was overall surprised by how simple it was to just go up and talk to people. Carrying a camera, I thought for sure that people would immediately turn away, not wanting to have their pictures taken. It took me by surprise how many people didn’t mind it. I ended up taking photos of more than my three subjects, but these shown above were my favorites.

One thing that I could work on and that I would change if I were to go and do this project again would be to venture out deeper into Columbia and get some subjects who aren’t students.While I didn’t know any of these people beforehand and they still made for excellent photos, it would be interesting to interact and take the photos of people who aren’t in the same age group as I am.

Eventually, somewhere in my future at Mizzou, I would like to go out and do this all over again, just to see how things have changed and to see my work improve as I learn more about journalism, communicating with people and different forms of media.



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