An Exciting First week

My first week working for the Missourian was exciting to say the least. While I didn’t get anything published this week, I got started on two stories almost immediately!

After our first class and orientation on Tuesday, and pretty much hearing on repeat that we needed to jump immediately into the action, I decided to talk to Katherine, my beat editor, about what I could do this week to get started. Unfortunately, my general assignment shift (where we’re in the newsroom all day awaiting breaking news and event coverage) isn’t until next Thursday. After introducing myself to Katherine, she told me to look into and become an expert on the Affordable Care Act. She said that as a beat reporter for public safety and health, many of our stories would revolve around the act (especially with it possibly being repealed in the near future) and that it would be important to know everything I possibly could about it.

I jumped right into researching ACA (I didn’t know much more than the basics of the act going in) and my attention was instantly drawn to the act’s under 26 provision. I thought it would be interesting to see how students at MU, Stephens College and Columbia College would be impacted by the provision, seeing as there are many students who rely on their parents’ health insurance while they’re at school. I pitched this story to Katherine the next day and she loved it.

So, the majority of my week has consisted of doing research and trying to track down people who are heavily impacted by this provision.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Each Friday afternoon, my beat gets together to discuss story ideas for the week. I took on a quick update story about the mumps outbreak on MU’s campus, which I’ll hopefully have published early next week! What’s kind of funny is that I directed mumps coverage at the end of last semester when I worked as a breaking news editor for The Maneater. I’m looking forward to continuing the investigation!




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