A second GA shift in the books

Today was my second general assignment shift at the Missourian, and I’m thankful to say that it was a lot more exciting than the first! I spent a majority of my last shift twiddling my thumbs and listening to the police scanners, just hoping to come across a story I could break. To my disappointment, the day was rather uneventful, and only one out of the three of us assigned to that day got the opportunity to write and publish a story.

Today was SO much better. Immediately, our supervising editor gave us each an assignment. Mine was to look into the 225th anniversary event/display that the Columbia Public Library currently has. Since I love the library and honestly could spend my every waking minute there, it seemed like a simple enough story.

The day flew by as I quickly did some research on the event that the library will be hosting on Feb. 13. The event is called “Examining Free Speech in the Digital Era,” and it revolves around the relevance of the original ideas in the constitution in modern-day America. It all sounds really exciting and I’m hoping to be able to attend the event next week!

Because the story wasn’t breaking news, I was taking my sweet time in contacting sources and putting all my research together to draft an outline of the story. This was a big mistake. Even though I had classes most of the morning, I wish I had reached out to my sources a little earlier in the day. This would have made my life a lot easier come 3 p.m. when my editor asked for the story and I didn’t yet have it. I quickly scrambled back to the newsroom after having my interview at the library and put together my draft.

Here’s the link to my story about the library’s event! My mumps story was also published earlier this week. Check it out here!

I definitely hope that all of my GA shifts are like this. It makes the day go by so much more quickly when I’m being productive and actually getting things done.


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